I am a coach developer and educator, golf coach, learner, maker, researcher, husband, father, lifehacker, stoic, gamer and recreational athlete living in Szczecin, Poland.

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Last updated: August 2021

Wojciech at graduation ceremony

Coach Developer / Golf Education

I juggle my working time between roles in national and international golf education.

On the interntional scale, since February 2020 I have been working for the Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG), an umbrella organisation for national PGAs worldwide, currently as Executive Director - Knowledge Development. I am developing various projects in the golf education space - such as setting up an international Learning Institute hosted on a world-class Learning Management System, and delivering EDUGOLF (2021-2023) - an EU Commision Erasmus+SPORT funded international collaborative partnership project aiming to modernise education and training in golf.

On national (Polish) front, since May 2019 I have been working as the Director of Education for the PGA of Poland, managing the training of Polish golf coaching workforce, designing and implementing a new education structure developed jointly with the Polish Golf Union, and tutoring students at coaching courses.

I am also involved in the work of the Polish PGA as its Board Member, as well as the Polish Golf Union as vice-chair of the Board of Coaches and consultant.

Through the Polish Institute of Sport I became a certified ICCE (International Council for Coaching Excellence) Coach Developer.

Not having been able to find any quality CPD (education) around participation coaching (juniors, beginners, recreational players), I started ParticipationCoaching.com to share my learning journey in this area through a blog and a podcast. I've put this project on pause now, but participation coaching and effective golf/sport development remain my interests.

Golf Coach

I'm no longer actively coaching golf due to a professional shift towards education and development.

I worked as a Teaching Professional and Junior Golf Coordinator at a number of local golf clubs, but most importantly my home club Binowo Park Golf Club located near Szczecin, Poland, where I live.

In 2019 I created a "Long-term golf coaching program" for the Polish Golf Union, a junior coaching framework for sport schools and golf clubs in Poland.
In 2018-2019 I worked as an Assistant Coach to the Polish National Team

I've been a golfer since 12 years old, and played in the Polish Junior National Squad (I wasn't very good).

I studied in the UK and graduated from BSc Applied Golf Management Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK - as the first, and so far the only, Polish graduate (First Class degree).

Went on to graduate from MSc Sport Coaching (also Univeristy of Birmingham, UK; with Distinction).

I turned professional in 2013.

My main coaching interests: participation development, junior coaching, sport pedagogy, practice planning.

I specialised in junior, beginner and recreational coaching.

I am a big fan of joyful golf and unique practice strategies.

I am allergic to grass, golf myths and the ban on jeans at golf clubs.

Gained coaching experience at many clubs, including Leadbetter Golf Academy at La Manga Club in Spain. See my coaching CV on LinkedIn.

Selection of coaching education and certifications:

PGA Polska
PGA of Poland Fully Qualified Golf Professional
University of Birmingham
Master of Science Sport Coaching
Junior Golf Alliance
Junior Golf Alliance Founder Member
TPI Certified
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1 Certified
US Kids Golf Certified Coach
US Kids Golf Certified Coach


See what I've been reading recently:


Founder of EduGolf.pl

Edu Golf logo EduGolf.pl is my coaching brand - a website, a blog and a YouTube channel.

Edu Golf's focus is on learning and development, sharing knowledge based on current research findings and getting away from the "quick fix" mentality of golfers.


Edu Golf channel - recording and editing instructional golf videos in Polish. It is the biggest golf YouTube channel in Poland with over 60000 video views.

My favourite (and most recent) video from this channel is this 15-minute introduction to golf.

Personal channel - some quirky video projects and videos from personal trips.

I'm using an iPhone XS Max and Canon EOS 80D to record (most often with Canon EF-S 10-18mm), Rode VideoMic Pro to catch sound, and Final Cut Pro to edit.


Participation Coaching Podcast - interviewing expert coaches in the junior, beginner and recreational spaces.

Using a Blue Yeti to record, GarageBand to edit, Auphonic for post, SoundCloud for hosting and Blubrry for distribution.

Podcast is no longer active but I do hope to go back to this project at some point.


I have written for the following outlets:


I enjoy coding and creating websites for myself and sometimes for friends and family.

I'm comfortable with HTML, CSS and Wordpress.

I've dabbled with JavaScript and Webflow - hope to learn more about these technologies in the future.

I've created all my websites (EduGolf.pl, ParticipationCoaching.com, this website).

I've played with many no-code and low-code tools (Zapier, Airtable, etc.).

I consider myself to be a tech geek.
Wojciech during a magazine photoshoot


I'm not-very-actively searching for PhD opportunities in the area of coach education and development.

Studies I've done so far:
  • Investigation into developmental journeys of polish talented golfers (BSc dissertation)
  • Beginner golfers' perceptions of Nonlinear Pedagogy (MSc dissertation, to be published)
Follow me on ResearchGate.


My main procrastination activity is learning about lifehacking, productivity and efficiency, trying out different apps and products and creating fancy spreadsheets to "improve" daily life.

I'm mostly failing as a lifehacker.

However, in 2020 I went through the Building a Second Brain course which I really enjoyed. I've also gone through Top Performer and Life of Focus courses in recent years, both of which I rated highly.

My main knowledge sources are books (Kindle + paper), online articles and journal articles. My current notetaking/PKM/productivity setup is:
  • Notes and files categorised across BASB PARA framework (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive)
  • Instapaper as main read-it-later app for online articles and videos
  • Highlights.app as main PDF reader
  • Readwise syncing highlights and notes from ebooks (Kindle), books (OCR), PDF docs and Instapaper articles into Evernote
  • Evernote for hosting most personal and professional notes
  • Roam for journalling and a personal and professional CRM [hope to one day create a Zettlekasten in Roam]
  • Trello as main to-do app where I have Cal Newport-inspired task boards for personal and various job roles


Don't have too much time to play these days.

Some of my favourite digital games: Uncharted series, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Burnout: Paradise, Mirror's Edge, Journey.

Some of my favourite tabletop games: Codenames, Neuroshima Hex. I'm getting into chess now.


Recreational athlete.

Now: golf, spikeball (very cool), e-biking.

Sometimes: ultimate frisbee, SUP (absolutely love it), slackline, lifting weights, swimming, tennis, speedminton, badminton.

Used to: Capoeira, volleyball.